Grant Management

A smarter way to manage your grants

No more notepads and busy excel sheets, start managing your organization’s grants in a simple, quick and intuitive way. As a lifeblood of a nonprofit, grants should not be taken lightly, give it all the attention needed, just let us do the heavy lifting!

Grant 1
Grant 2
Grant 3

Organize, track and maintain both your new and existing grants. Tracking data for each grant can be time consuming and messy, so let us help you so you can focus on the fun stuff, the grant writing!

Manage all of your grants by tracking application status to taking notes and setting task reminders, our grant system will help manage each and every grant down the funnel!

Too much data is useless if there is no sense to it, our intuitive and easy to read reports help you, your organization and your board have a snapshot of all of your grants!

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